The hunt for the perfect budget skincare range #1- Garnier rose/honey review


The abrupt change of seasons almost certainly meant a change in skin. Tired of the centrally oily yet mostly dry skin that refused to respond to the many (pricey) lotions and other skincare products used on it (except for one), the decision was made to go back to nature’s roots. As a student, I also needed something that fell in a student’s budget (under £10 please!)

I had previously watched a Youtube video where a random stranger discussed their daily routine. What stood out to me was one girl saying she used rose toners on her face to combat the summer weather skin. Immediately my brain decided that nothing else would do aside from rose products. Dragging my sister to many shops in search for this rose toner, we discovered that Garnier had exactly what I was looking for. Both a rose toner AND a day cream (perfect timing as mine had just finished that day). However right next to it was the honey based range…now my mother always said honey was best for the skin so you can imagine at this point I was torn between the two (do I trust my mother or Youtube??)

At this point my sister had the bright idea of buying the honey range for herself whilst I stuck to my original rose. We would test out the range for a minimum of 2 weeks and compare results at the end. During this time everything we used on our face, even down to those Korean face masks would remain the same so neither of us were at a disadvantage. (More about these amazing face masks another time)

Garnier rose toner and day cream – (used on combination skin) Me, aka budget student! 


The key thing to note when using moisturiser is what I call a ‘natural highlight’ across the cheekbones. When a face product is working well there should be a slight shine across the cheeks, that lasts around 4 hours and the face should feel soft at the end of the day (to the point where you feel as though you can skip the night cream)

Many creams that provide the added moisture element often have an added grease element, making it look as though your face might actually be a reflective surface. The rose based products almost fit into that category when initially applied, but absorbed very quickly leaving the skin looking slightly more hydrated.

The toner was my favourite. I fell in love with its smell and I wasn’t alone in thinking so. Even my family had to admit to the great fragrance after I began wafting it in front of them to share my excitement. Not only was the fragrance amazing, but it added a great shine on my face and also helped remove all the excess makeup that hadn’t come off with my wipes.

2 weeks down the line and my skin wasn’t doing too badly. However, it still wasn’t up to the standard I had hoped for. Granted, for a budget moisturiser it did its job in terms of ensuring my face didn’t look like parched earth, but in terms of improving my skin/adding a bit more of a glow, it fell short.

Toner: 7.5/10

Day cream: 5/10

Garnier honey toner and day cream- (used on dry skin) Guest tester:


I began my regime with the products during the hot weather period so I can’t vouch for how it would react during other weather conditions.
In the first few days of implementing the products into my regime, the fragrance made me feel somewhat re-energized.
The toner left my skin feeling nourished and refreshed. The smoothness after its use was amazing and the smell was divine (Yes, I’m in awe of the honey smell). It’s a light liquid which, once placed on a cotton pad and applied on the face, works its liquid magic and leaves the skin feeling truly cleansed and clear. The toner gets my thumbs up, especially for a budget buy.
However the moisturiser wasn’t something I absolutely fell in love with once I applied it onto my skin. It seemed to have a slightly greasy texture that just didn’t sit well on my skin (maybe it was just the honey extract as this wasn’t an issue in the rose). Although the light honey scent was still as beautiful to me as the days went on, the cream itself still hadn’t quite won me over. I felt as though it did not do much for my skin with regards to hydrating as my skin is very dry. Personally, this isn’t the moisturiser for me as after two weeks my skin didn’t improve as much as I had hoped.

Toner: 7/10

Day cream: 4/10


The toners are worth the investment but as for the day cream, it fell a little short of our expectations. It may be a decent skincare regime for that transition between products, where you have a period of a couple of weeks without moisturisers and need something to get you through it.

This type of cream seems to be good at simply maintaining the type of skin you originally have, without actually improving it any way, which is fine if you have no issues with your skin (most people generally have problem free skin so it’s worth a go). However, if you have problem skin, then this might not be for you.

With this being said, everyone of course has very different skin. What might not work for us could be great for someone else; we can only give you our personal experience.

So, the search is still on for a budget moisturiser that compares to the high market brands. Keep an eye on this though, as I’m sure we will find it soon enough.


Comment below if you’ve used this product. What was your experience?

Have you used anything else that you believe might just be the perfect skincare regime?



A substitute for wipes? (with added benefits!)



Decent makeup up wipes can be expensive. Even the budget range can become quite tiresome when constantly digging change out from the pocket to pay for those 5 packets of wipes we all seem to go through each month.

I discovered this technique by pure accident. I was attempting to lengthen my eyelashes (as we’ve all tried before) using Vaseline when I realised that it was actually quite effective at taking off my eyeliner as well. Surprisingly, it was coming off easier than when I used my wipes. In one (or 2) wipes with a cotton pad my makeup would come clean off, which was impressive considering I layer my eyeliner with both gel and pen.

At this point I decided not to buy another packet of wipes and experiment with this Vaseline method and I absolutely loved it! Not only did it keep my eyelashes looking slightly longer, it also helped keep the area surrounding my eyes extremely soft, meaning no more irritated skin patches where I had wiped too vigorously with my wipes (or too much when the eyeliner refused to co-operate). It also created the perfect base for my eye shadow the next morning as well!

I have to add that it also created the perfect emergency cleanser for my eyeliner brush by just clearing all the left over gel liner I’d forgotten to wash off the day before, and kept my brush extremely soft! (Another post on best value eyeliner brushes to come)

The only downside to this, however, is that this method only works most effectively with eye makeup. Unfortunately it is just not practical and is way too time consuming to paste your entire face with Vaseline and then wipe it all off (although it will definitely make your skin ultra soft).

If, like me, you only really wear eye makeup and skip all the foundations etc, then this Vaseline method would definitely be worth it. If not, then perhaps wipes would be the most practical option (or oil if you can brave the greasy skin).

So put away your wipes for a couple of weeks, take out that tub of Vaseline from your cabinet and try the makeup removal challenge. Save your money and help out your skin in the process!

Let me know in the comments if this is something you’ve tried before or will try now. What are your thoughts on it? Am I being too optimistic or is this really a good enough substitute for makeup wipes?

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Introduction: less is more?

Hi all!

You’ve probably all heard, that the more expensive the range, the better the product. I mean, why buy something cheaper, when there’s a well known brand sat right next to it, for 3 times the price. Surely that means it’s doing something extra?

Perhaps not. Perhaps we are all just paying for a name… Sort of like clothing? More often than not, people are sometimes more inclined to reach for that pricey bottle of foundation. Because it’s so expensive, it must be amazing, right? When in actual fact, it provides the exact same coverage as something half the price.

Of course this may not be the case, but why should you have to buy all these products to test the theory yourself?

That’s where we come in, a beauty review blog, that tells you honestly whether or not you might be paying a bit too much for your products and if you are, what cheaper range would be providing the same results.

So if you, like us, are always looking to invest in the best, without hurting your wallet, then follow us and we’ll keep you posted.

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